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Welcome to CommonJS, a group with a goal of building up the JavaScript ecosystem for web servers, desktop and command line apps and in the browser.

This wiki is a starting point for collecting up ideas, any draft API suggestions for the CommonJS group. Discussions occur on that mailing list and on IRC (#commonjs on freenode).



Current Efforts

This is a list of issues currently being discussed / standardized. They come from the "Low level" department, as we need to have solid basics prior to building a tower.

  1. Uniform Baseline / Globals (discussion)
  2. Modules (1.1.1)
    1. binary: Binary Data Objects (byte arrays and/or strings) (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    2. encodings: Encodings and character sets (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    3. io: I/O Streams (proposals, discussion)
    4. fs, fs-base: Filesystem (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    5. system: System Interface (stdin, stdout, stderr, &c) (1.0, amendments proposed)
    6. assert, test: Unit Testing (1.0, amendment proposals pending)
    7. sockets: Socket I/O TCP/IP sockets (early proposals)
    8. event-queue: Reactor Reactor/Event Queue (early proposals)
    9. worker: Worker Worker (concurrent shared nothing process/thread) (proposal)
    10. console: console (proposal)
  3. Packages (1.0)
  4. Package Mappings (proposal)
  5. Web Server Gateway Interface (JSGI) (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
  6. Promises (proposal)

Future Efforts

Low-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that we'd like to see behaving consistently across JavaScript interpreters.

High-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that implement common functionality on top of the low-level API.


Implementations Standards Proposals and standards in development
Modules/1.0Modules/1.1Modules/1.1.1Packages/1.0System/1.0 Binary/BBinary/FConsoleEncodings/AFilesystem/AFilesystem/A/0HTTP Client/BIO/AModules/Async/AModules/AsynchronousDefinitionModules/LoaderPluginModules/Transport/CModules/Transport/DModules/Transport/EModules/WrappingsModules/Wrappings-Explicit-DependenciesPackages/1.1Packages/Mappings/CPromises/APromises/BPromises/DUnit Testing/1.0

CouchDB yes yes
Ejscript 2.x
Flusspferd yes 0.9 yes yes yes yes yes
FlyScript yes yes yes
GLUEscript yes
GPSEE yes yes yes yes yes
JSBuild yes yes
JSLocalnet yes yes yes
Narwhal 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.5 0.2
Narwhal on JSC 0.2 0.2
Narwhal on Node 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Narwhal on Rhino 0.2 0.2 draft 4 in 0.1 8a45686
Nodules yes
PINF JS Loader yes yes yes yes
Persevere yes  ?
RequireJS yes yes
RingoJS yes yes yes yes minus globbing yes yes yes
SeaJS yes yes
Smart Platform yes
SproutCore 1.1/Tiki yes  ? yes yes
Wakanda yes yes yes partial partial yes yes
XULJet yes
Yabble yes yes yes yes yes yes
Common Node yes yes yes yes yes
curl.js yes yes
node.js yes yes
v8cgi yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
when.js yes

In development


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